• The API also provides enterprises handling advanced data engineering pipelines with abilities similar to asset management and hedge funds.
  • The core crypto basket API also introduced an additional filtering package called VectorScreen. It allows advanced filtering and screening that results in additional alpha.

Vectorspace AI, a subsidiary of Vector Space Biosciences Inc, announced the release of a thematic crypto basket REST API that enables cryptocurrency exchanges. It allows cryptocurrency exchanges by offering tradable crypto baskets with regard to a topic, event, or theme of any type in real-time.

The API can create an efficient ecosystem of new products for retail traders and investors. It also provides enterprises handling advanced data engineering pipelines with abilities similar to asset management and hedge funds.

The Vectorspace AI thematic basket APIs can be used for:

  • Auto-create a no-click or one-click tradable basket of stocks or cryptos related to a topic, event, or theme in real-time.
  • Position capital across a network of thematic baskets comprising cryptos or stocks.
  • Generate graph networks and relationship networks connecting cryptos or stocks.
  • Create long, short, or hedged positions among baskets.

It’s like having your own dedicated NLP, AI, or Machine Learning pipeline,” remarked Kasian Franks, Founder and CEO of Vector Space Biosciences, Inc. He added, “This opens up a new world of thematic investing where baskets of cryptos or stocks can be generated based on a theme or global event in real-time using similar ‘language modelling’ techniques used to predict the way proteins fold by DeepMind’s AlphaFold2.”

Powered by the core crypto baskets API, VectorScreen is an additional filtering package that enables advanced screening and filtering resulting in additional alpha. It allows a basket of cryptos to be screened using basic parameters such as market cap, liquidity, or sell pressure, in addition to advanced parameters such as context, concepts, or fine-grained themes. The VectorScreen API will be available both to exchanges and as a retail offering in the first quarter of 2022, and will be powered with a retail-driven UI/UX available in the second quarter of 2022.

Vector Space Biosciences will use the recently secured funding of USD 2 million to support global retail product offerings and product rollouts that will result in additional revenue.

Vectorspace AI and its parent company, Vector Space Biosciences, Inc., specializes in identifying hidden relationships in data by developing advanced data processing and virtualization tools used for the study of physics, nanotechnology and computational nanotechnology. Vector Space Biosciences particularly uses “tip of the spear” computational methods and techniques to research the network’s connection to NLP/NLU (Natural Language Processing/Understanding) to spawn datasets relating to genes, proteins, diseases, micronutrients and drug compounds.

Specifically, Vector Space Biosciences applies unsupervised learning methods in AI/ML connected with Natural Language Processing (NLP)/Natural Language Understanding (NLU) biological language modeling to generate datasets that are used to create networks of relationships between genes, diseases, proteins, and micronutrients, and drug compounds. Data engineering pipelines are one of the essential pillars underpinning accelerated scientific discovery.

Space bioscience innovations result in products and services for all industries, including financial markets, and, more crucially, new discoveries and applications in precision and personalized medicine for humanity.

Vector Space Biosciences’ datasets can extend their functions to applications in the financial and cryptocurrency markets, thus offering hedge funds, asset management organizations, and institutions with solutions that can generate alpha through its utility token, VXV. The token offers data lineage, provenance, governance, and security for its datasets, which are essential for any data engineering operation today.

All datasets and thematic baskets come with the symbol VXV and the option to acquire VXV as a utility token used to access the VXV wallet-enabled API where a customer’s wallet address doubles as a seed to a unique API key.