• Max offers a direct conversational AI experience for discovering insights by fusing the augmented analytics platform from AnswerRocket with the GPT-4 large language model from OpenAI.
  • According to the company, a chat-based solution like Max can make consumers feel more at ease when engaging with data.

AnswerRocket, a data analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence, is currently hopping on the ChatGPT train.

The business, formally known as AG Labs LLC, has introduced Max, a new conversational AI assistant intending to facilitate business users’ exploration and analysis of their data for insights. Machine learning is used by AnswerRocket to quickly produce answers to business queries using its AI-powered analytics platform. AnswerRocket lets users pose questions by simply typing them into a search box or speaking them out loud. AnswerRocket will then recognize the question, find the pertinent information to support it, and offer more details.

Those insights are given as interactive visualizations of the data in question. They are also accompanied with AI-powered insights that users can look into for deeper exploration and knowledge.

The addition of Max to AnswerRocket’s analytics platform means that its users will profit from a more humanlike conversational experience as they ask and answer questions about their data. According to the company, Max can comprehend queries in natural language and give prompt, accurate answers because of the OpenAI LP’s GPT-4 large language model.

Alon Goren, CEO of AnswerRocket, claimed that ChatGPT is causing a paradigm shift in how business users engage with software. He claimed that using Max would be more straightforward than ever for everyone to comprehend data and act on it.

Max will make advanced analytics easier to perform while enabling more detailed data exploration for all business users when it debuts in the second quarter. Users can ask Max to carry out complex tasks like statistical, diagnostic, and predictive analytics on any data set along with simple queries.

Additionally, it offers an effortless GPT-4-powered data configuration experience and it makes it easier for users to connect with, get ready, then analyze data from new sources. Finally, Max is built to learn as it is used, so staff members can teach it to comprehend their preferred terms and phrases, according to AnswerRocket. Even better, it can be trained to recognize each user’s analysis preferences, presenting insights to them each time in the manner they prefer.

According to recent research by the Business Application Research Center and Eckerson Group, which AnswerRocket cited, the primary objective of Max is to increase business intelligence adoption, which is currently as low as 25%. The difficulty of interacting with such platforms, where users must carefully phrase and type their queries or use extremely specific search terms, is one of the leading causes of BI’s low adoption rate. Max enables a more conversational and natural experience, which enables users to gain insights with little instruction.

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA, a European brewery, and one of Max’s early adopters, Sabine Van den Bergh, director of brand strategy and insights, stated, “A chat-based tool like Max can help users feel more comfortable about interacting with data. Having an on-demand assistant that can quickly answer the questions that pop up throughout the day would enable our team to make data-driven decisions at scale.”