• Google LLC and Cohesity expanded their relationship to provide clients with a backup and recovery solution for Google Cloud Platform-based apps.
  • The recently announced Cohesity Turing integrates AI and machine learning technologies into Cohesity’s multi-cloud data platform to satisfy clients’ increasing AI and data needs.

Cohesity Inc., a provider of data management services, announced an expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud and unveiled Cohesity Turing, a collection of artificial intelligence technologies that introduce AI capabilities to data management and security.

The expanded partnership between Google LLC and Cohesity builds on a previous collaboration in which Cohesity and Google offered customers a solution for the backup and recovery of Google Cloud Platform-based applications. Cohesity’s AI-ready data security and administration platform, Cohesity Data Cloud, will now have deeper integrations with Google’s Vertex AI, a platform designed to deploy machine learning and AI model rapidly.

Integrating Cohesity’s capabilities and Google Vertex enables customers to obtain new insights from the data they are currently securing and administering on Cohesity’s platform using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Large Language Models. Thanks to the integration, customers can rapidly search vast amounts of data to detect threats, discover answers to specific queries, or recover data using contextual searches.

The newly-announced Cohesity Turing is a collection of AI and ML capabilities and technologies integrated into Cohesity’s multi-cloud data platform to meet customers’ evolving AI and data requirements. Cohesity Turing enables organizations to utilize the most recent AI capabilities for more efficient operations, greater insight into security risks, and enhanced data value. The service features ransomware anomaly detection, data access, threat intelligence, data classification, and predictive capacity planning.

Through the Retrieval Augmented Generation AI model workflows, clients of Cohesity Turing can derive even more insights from their data in the future. The model workflows assist clients in obtaining profound insights and quickly locating content within petabytes of data.

Cohesity’s three-day virtual summit, announced recently at Catalyst, were new members of the Data Security Alliance, an alliance founded by Cohesity in November to enable industry leaders in security and services to assist businesses in defending against intrusions.

New members like ServiceNow Inc., Netskope Inc., and Zscaler Inc. have joined the alliance in addition to existing members like BigID Inc., Okta Inc., CrowdStrike Holdings Inc., CyberArk Software Ltd., Cisco Systems Inc., Palo Alto Networks Inc., Securonix Inc., Splunk Inc., and Tenable Inc. Mandiant, owned by Google, and PricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd. are also participants via a security advisory relationship.